muse ariadne is an online
writing club!

created by xalli, this club is an online space for cultivating creativity and sharing our pieces of writing, based on weekly prompts posted on the club's neocities page! the pages for all other members are down bellow, and if you want to know more about the project, click the following button:


week of feb 12th: write about a worldly place that is a threshold for you. this can mean anything-- maybe it's some place between end and beginning, forward and backward, past and present, here and there, friends and lovers, or something else entirely!

(still in progress!)

week of feb 5th: write about what ways writing plays a role in your life-- why do you like it? is it hard? what's your relationship with it? be as abstract or direct as you'd like.

(still in progress!)

A digital drawing of a person with a red ram head and brown, medium length hair on the right. On the left, the words 'TEHUAN' are in big lettering, with clipart of a pocket mirror, dried flowers, and boots behind it. A pixel art button of a brown rabbit with glasses that says 'Mordecai Alba' in green letters.