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Nice to meet you, dear person who's reading this and doesn't know me yet! My name is Maria, and a long time ago I complained to my friends that I didn't have any nickname, and they, using my love for The Lord of the Rings, decided that my nickname would be Moria. I still use it online to this day :)

i'm an english student that loves reading fiction, some academic texts here and there and recently some non-fiction as well.

and above all else, I really like writing. I love using small words when trying to express myself, and I've always felt a little uncomfortable about doing this over on the internet, with the different social media and their demands and performances. until now...

When I discovered Neocities, I immediately wanted to be a part of it. I've never programmed a comma in my entire life, let alone an entire website, but after almost two months of frustration and a lot of help, I think I've finally reached the point where I can manage it on my own and I'm not always unhappy with the result of giving my best. I hope to improve more and more in HTML and CCS, and I'm sure that being here will help me a lot with that!

and as you can see here, something in my head is indeed very loud and wordy, and loves to talk in circles without a stop. so I hope this site will be a place of refuge not only for me, but for anyone who stumbles upon the doors of this mine. once again welcome, and enjoy!

Feel free to navigate, dig, interact and maybe leave a message in my guestbook!!

if it interests you, here is my button!

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݁₊ .other little things about me ݁₊.⊹

𖤓 general interests

☾ music, either played, orchestrated, in instrument or in voice; manual activities and crafts such as sewing, knitting, crochet and embroidery; the language as a concept and study object, the written, spoken and heard word; writing and reading, the process, practice and teaching of it; literature, classic, modern, contemporary, even upside down; storytelling, epic fantasy, magic systems, character arcs and the construction of fictional worlds as a whole;

𖤓 favorite books

★ The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion - J. R. R. Tolkien; The Name of the Wind, The Wise's Man Fear - Patrick Rothfuss; Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen; House of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski; The Starless Sea - Erin Morgenstern; The Stormlight Archive - Brandon Sanderson; Piranesi - Susanna Clarke; Autobiography of Red - Anne Carson;

𖤓 favorite movies

☾ The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King; Mad Max: Fury Road; Pride and Prejudice; Princess Mononoke, The Lighthouse, The Prince of Egypt, Little Women, The Green Knight, Emma, Whisper of the Heart, Surf's Up, Barnyard, La La Land, Black Panther, Howl's Moving Castle, Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Knight;

𖤓 favorite musical artists

★ alt-J, BROCKHAMPTON, Sufjan Stevens, Mitski, Hozier, Joe Hisaishi, Florence + The Machine, Starset, Wallows, Howard Shore, Black Hill, O Grilo, Novo Amor, Andrew Bird, Black Country New Road, The Lumineers, Weyes Blood, The Cure, Evanescence, Fleetwood Mac, boygenius, Kate Bush;

𖤓 other favorites

☾ undertale, his dark materials (tv series), gris, anne with an e, five nights at freddy's, midnight mass;

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